So here’s the bit where we tell you a bit about us. First off: We weren’t started by someone with a background in beauty; our founder is actually just a guy who felt the need to bring something new to the table and create a platform for democratic beauty. And so Teeez was born out of an itch to develop a movement that would shake things up and disrupt the industry as we knew it. We wanted to give it a new face and inject some New Neo Chic. For us, that meant revolutionizing the label ‘premium’ by being clean in everything we do, creating formulas that enhance rather than harm, and having products that deliver on their promise. And as an independent brand, with no powers-that-be to answer to, we are able to do just that. But as well as wanting to defy the ordinary, we also wanted to fire you up. To have conversations and inspire you with make-up that is good: good for your look, your skin and your conscience. Make-up that’s karma accumulative.


When wanting to challenge, disrupt, annoy and provoke – especially in a fun way – what better way of putting it than, ‘to tease’? Which is why we felt it was the perfect choice for us. But we also wanted to show our playful and rebellious spirit, so we added our own twist and came up with ‘Teeez’. An honest name, with no hidden agendas; what you see is what you get. And the triple ‘eee’ paved the way for a logo that, we feel, is inviting and a tag that says it all in just two letters: tz.


From the drawing table to the store, our products are brought to life in Holland and Europe by an international team of artisans: enthusiastic people who live and breathe beauty. We may be young, but we know our stuff: we’re experts in our field – be it skincare, make-up, design or craftsmanship. We value artistry and aim to serve as an incubator for creative talents and ideas. And we know you. Because we are you. We’re an eclectic bunch that’s made up of different gender identities, races and more than 12 nationalities. Just like our hometown of Amsterdam – which locals call a ‘Global Village’ – we are open, progressive, inclusive and multi-cultural. And just like the Dutch capital, we have a rebellious side, a fresh stance on things and an entrepreneurial approach to whatever we take on. We do things our way and we won’t conform to the norm.


So what about you, where do you fit into our story? We recognize that you’re all individuals with your own story to tell. And that you really don’t need to be told what ‘beautiful’ is. Because, as far as we’re concerned, that’s up to you. We just want to be part of your story. To give you the tools to tell it. We love sharing ideas and inspiration with you online and face-to-face in our stores. That’s how we work. We’re interested in having two-way conversations. In hearing what you have to say and seeing how you bring our product to your persona.


And that brings us to our stuff. We are a brand of creativity and we believe in taking a bold and vibrant approach to whatever we do. That’s why we shun stereotypical ‘beauty ideals’ and always push boundaries. With the creatives on our team and the artists in our community, we disrupt to create. When we work on new ideas, we start with three things: What we’ve picked up in conversations with you; inspiration from the cultural heritage around us; and the current mood in art, history, art, music, fashion and street style. But there’s more: our products can’t only look good; they need to be good. For your skin, your conscience and your world. Because, as far as we’re concerned, if you want to call yourself premium, you need to be clean in everything you do. Which is what we continually strive for: from responsible sourcing and safety screening, to sustainability and full transparency, to being vegan and ethically sound. Clean Beauty is our constant driving force. Plus: we avoid the dodgy ingredients in our ‘Hell No’ list like the plague. What you will see in our formulas though are ethically sound, natural ingredients that we call Our SuperSix. With these, our stuff doubles up as skincare that is nourishing and protective too. Teeez fuses Clean Beauty, Skincare and Art. Powered by Our SuperSix, our products perform and give epic pay off. That’s why they live a triple life: karma accumulators + beneficial wholesome skincare + statement-making cosmetics.