Fake It Like It’s Fashion Week

How to fake a well-rested face when you feel exhausted.

Welcome to fashion week: the industry’s most exhausting event. What to some might seem a picture-perfect crowd casually strolling through the city, sipping bubbles and hoping to be snapped by the street-style paps, is in fact a frantic race. Hopping around the cities, countries and continents, from one location to the next, elbowing your way through the over-the-top dressed fashionistas – and doing it in heels all day long – that, dear readers, is the true definition of a nightmare.
From early morning meetings to late-night after-parties, food, sleep (and sanity) are definitely not on the schedule.

The good news is that the industry insiders are adept at concealing tiredness and creating a photogenic, ready-for-the-day look. So, whether you spend your days working, partying, or binge-watching Netflix, here are some of the best-kept backstage secrets to help you fake a full night’s rest.

Get The Glow

According to Gucci Westman, makeup artist responsible for countless catwalk beauty looks from New York to Milan, the secret to a fresh-looking face lies in blush. The trick to pulling off a healthily flushed cheek? Dab a bit of a vibrant cream color and blend outward and upward, starting from below the cheekbones. Finish by going back to clean up the edges with a bit of foundation and set it all with some loose or pressed powder, just where you need it.

Eyes Bright Open

Trade your black kohl sticks for ivory or nude pencils and try waterlining: an eye-enhancing technique tried and tested by Lisa Eldrige – the London-based makeup guru with over a million YouTube subscribers. Simply swipe a creamy pencil along the inner line of your lower eyelid. The trick is to pull your lower lid down a little, so as not to poke your actual eye while you’re lining. For extra effect, trace the inner corner of each eye in the same light color or something shimmery for an even more refreshed glow. It's like that late night or five-hour flight never even happened.

sugar rush

Lights, Camera, Action

After 20+ years as a makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury has a few well-practiced tricks up her sleeve. Known for her work with stars like Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian-West, Tilbury uses shading and highlighting techniques to carve killer cheekbones on her clients in an instant. From contouring to nontouring (which is only using highlighter and avoiding the contour shade), her secret lies in products with a subtly luminous – not shimmery – finish. Tilbury’s most valuable piece of advice? Blend, blend, blend - for a deceptively defined, camera-ready profile.

Bags Of Style

It’s time to tackle the biggest problem area of all: under the eyes. The trick to beat dark circles – the biggest tell of tiredness – the fashion-week way? French makeup artist Violette suggests skipping the concealer in favor of a subtle, smoky look that enhances the darkness around the eyes, rather than masking it. With the actual shadows around the eye adding the all-natural depth and drama, all you need is a coat of intense black mascara – stilettos and sunglasses optional.