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About Teeez


Beauty provocateurs since 2004, TEEEZ was founded on the principles of subverting traditional modes of makeup. Our creative process sweeps through different realms, always starting from our European roots that branch out into a melting pot of references, all relevant to the ever-evolving digital landscape. Concepted in-house by a cross-functional design team and hand-picked collaborators, every TEEEZ item is tested by in-demand makeup artists and curated by a new set of Millennial influencers democratizing the industry, imparting their own free-spirited, slightly subversive take on the next season's beauty statements. This results in an accurate expression of our core values, delivered with distrinctly variable results - an authentic reflection of the diverse and dynamic cultural and creative scenarios that unfailingly hit the mark. 


The #1 Rule of Success: We write our own rules 
AT TEEEZ, we believe in democratic luxury - a vision of fashion on digital innovation, craftsmanship juxtaposed with digital savviness - a new way to connect and engage audiences. At the heart of such strategy is the fact that digital has overturned what fashion is about. Once an elite-only affair, it has now become consumer-led opening up to Social Media and their audiences as significant marketing opportunities.


TEEEZ stands for neo-chic. A rebel yell of the young and dynamic. We are: 

Daring - In an industry dominated by conventions and sameness, we are a distinctive alternative- powerful, feminine, daring. 

Desirable - We embrace imperfections and let individuality shine. Our crown is addicted to colour and beauty with an edge. 

Different - Instead of adhering to one set look, we're notable for the ways in which we stand out. 

Democratic - We believe in inclusive beauty that supports any and all types - from skin types to lash types. 


Deep in our DNA is a fascination with fashion, where new is the name of the game. At Teeez, we create our own trend statements and sartorial style. Each season we launch a new collection of ground-breaking concepts you simply can’t resist. Every collection tells a story with its own visual universe expressed with a mix of intrigue and emotion. Watch for vibrant hues, rich textures and alluring designs destined to be collectibles. Part of our luxurious appeal is our incomparable craftsmanship. It’s at the core of our products, expressed in signature works of art with gorgeous graphics and lush imagery. Products composed of exceptional, premium quality ingredients carefully curated by our expert.

Teeez is a must-have fashion accessory, like a jewel in your handbag. Give it as a gift - or covet for yourself.